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Building Personal Website with Bridgetown

Zilvinas Kucinskas

Zilvinas Kucinskas

Published Nov 29th, 2022

Technical Stack

  1. Bridgetown
  2. TailwindCSS
  3. ViewComponent
  4. Turbo
  5. Stimulus

Bridgetown does most of the heavy lifting on this site - it’s a Ruby based static site generator.

I am using Tailwind CSS and ViewComponent to build and design the UI. All posts are written in Kramdown flavored markdown with ViewComponent’s sprinkled in. Turbo helps making the website feel like a Single Page Application (SPA) by preventing full page reloads.

Under the hood, esbuild is handling asset bundling. I use almost no JavaScript on this site, but I have sprinkled Stimulus here and there for small interactions.


The site is hosted on Vercel and all pushes to the main branch trigger a deploy. I also use AWS Route53 for DNS and domain management.


I am using Vercel Analytics. It is privacy-friendly, real-time traffic insights solution. This helps be compliant with GDPR, therefore there is no need to display a cookie banner.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Andrew Mason for inspiration creating this personal website and awesome code examples of using ViewComponent.

Thanks for reading! It would mean a lot if you shared this post with others!

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