Here is my uses page, first popularized by Wes Bos.

I spend a lot of time researching tech choices, so everything on this list is something I would recommend for a colleague.

Most of these links are amazon affiliate links, so I’ll get filthy rich if you click them and buy something.



Audio + Video

Editor + Terminal


  • Raycast - blazing fast, extendable launcher. Alternative to Alfred.
  • Notion - documenting ideas, startups and collecting knowledge.
  • Grammarly - online writing assistant. Cannot imagine myself without it anymore.
  • Calendly - makes scheduling meetings a breeze.
  • 1Password - password manager.
  • Dropbox - file storage.
  • Rocket - Slack-style emoji picker everywhere.
  • Rectangle - screen resizer.
  • Xnapper - effortless beautiful screenshots.
  • Unsplash Wallpapers - changes wallpaper every 24 hours to something beautiful.



Things I keep an eye on purchasing:

Last updated: 2022-11-30